Harry Potter Treats

Harry Potter Treats

Harry Potter Snacks

This is part I in a mini-series of Harry Potter snacks from the books brought to life (part II is all about the cauldron cakes, part III features every wizard's favorite drink—butterbeer!— and part IV showcases decadent butterbeer cupcakes).

Harry Potter has always held a special place in my life. I started reading the books when I was 11 years old. Harry and I grew up together. The books were as much of a part of my childhood as school or my friends. I've read them more times than I can count—so much so, that many of my cherished hardcover books have began to fall apart at the seams.

Harry Potter and his world have always held a magical quality for me. When I was younger, the wizarding world seemed so close to me that, if I closed my eyes, for the briefest of seconds I could almost imagine myself in it. Thanks to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and briefly living in England for 6 months, those faint dreams of my youth have become more of a reality.

Harry Potter Snacks

Over the last ten years, Harry Potter has taught me about life and growing up. Dumbledore lectured me on the significance of morality and empathy, as well as the importance of humanity. Harry Potter showed me the power and strength of sticking to your beliefs, especially in the face of adversity. Ron and Hermione taught me the sincere virtue in forgiveness. The characters showed me that every decision comes with consequence, good or bad. Perhaps this sounds silly but, after dozens of book readings and re-readings, I've noticed that I have unconsciously taken these lessons and subtly applied them to my own life.

As the release of the last movie approaches, it marks the end of an era for me. There will be no more Harry Potter books or movies. No midnight release dates to look forward to. The last movie, in some ways, marks the end of my childhood. After July 15th, I will slowly become an adult in my own eyes—the last ties to my childhood will have been cut.

JK Rowling, if you only knew the profound and positive effect you've had on my life. Like Harry with his lightning bolt scar, you, too, have left a permanent mark on me.

Acid Pops

While the release of the last movie looms ever closer, I wanted to bring to life various Harry Potter treats from the series. Over the next few days, you can expect to see more Harry Potter snacks and drinks (can we say butterbeer?) as I celebrate the end of a great era. Whether you are hosting your own Harry Potter party, or simply want a sweet treat to celebrate the release of the movie, these Harry Potter snacks are for you. Many of these treat ideas can also be applied to birthday or Halloween parties.

Today's menu: sweets from Honeydukes and the Hogwarts Express food trolley.

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