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Nutella Espresso Rolls

Nutella Espresso Rolls

I sat down to write this post a half dozen times, deleting the words once I recognized the meaning wasn't exactly what I wanted to express. The first rendition took on a serious tone, the second became an anecdote, the third a thoughtful observation. Yet, none of them communicated what I really wanted to say, which is you should make this recipe and soon. Though it is not usually in my nature to make bold statements, today I am making an exception. The truth is that these Nutella Espresso Rolls are easily one of the best dishes to come out of my kitchen. Ever.

I would never lie to you, dear friends.

Nutella Espresso Rolls Nutella Espresso Rolls Nutella Espresso Rolls

As a recipe developer, there are often several iterations a recipe goes through before I deem it good enough to share with you. While two iterations seems to be standard (with three or more sliding into second place), a single iteration is a rarity. These recipes are the four leaf clovers of the recipe development world, where modifications and tweaks happen ad infinitum.

In my own kitchen, I stumble across these rare gems perhaps once or twice a year, reveling in the moment before taking a fork after the sweet treat.

Nutella Espresso Rolls

Since my recent discovery of nutella, it has become a “banned” ingredient in the apartment because it has a tendency to disappear in a few blinks of the eye. However, the lack of nutella in the cupboards doesn't stop me from thinking about it. While recently browsing recipes online, I spotted a roll filled with chocolate. Running with the idea, I made the idea my own, filling the rolls with nutella and the subtle flavor of espresso.

After pulling the rolls out from the oven, piping hot and steaming, my boyfriend declared them one of the best things he's ever eaten. I agreed. I think you will, too.

Nutella Espresso Rolls

Nutella Espresso Rolls will leave you scraping the plate clean and wishing for more. The dough is made with espresso powder, which lends a subtle coffee flavor to the finished product. Spread with nutella and brown sugar, the dough is rolled up, sliced, and baked. When hot from the oven, the nutella becomes melted and gooey, given a unique texture from the brown sugar. These rolls are easy to make and are sinfully delicious. Make these for holidays, for friends and family, or just because it’s Monday—you won’t be disappointed.

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Dill Dinner Rolls

Dill Dinner Rolls

The weather has been moody lately, unpredictable in its temperamental swings. The days are hot and humid; the oppressive heat makes me want to sit by the neighborhood pool and eat ice cream until I join the ice cream in melting at the bottom of the pint. The evening skies have an ominous gaze, as heavy clouds gather overhead and the wind begins to sway the tree branches—a punishment for the warm weather. The nights are filled with rumbling and flashing lights, with rain that floods the sidewalks and streets and leaves a ticker of weather warnings scrolling across the bottom of the television screen.

Summer can be a temptress, charming by day and wicked by night.

Dill Dinner Rolls Dill Dinner Rolls Dill Dinner Rolls

In the morning, as the previous night's rain begins to clear and the sun is still hiding behind the clouds, it feels like baking weather. Perhaps only the gray clouds can convince me to turn on the oven. Though the yeast in my refrigerator has been ignored for the bounty of summer berries, after an Italian dinner and an incredible loaf of bread, I couldn't resist pulling it out to play around with it again.

With the workout my grill has been getting so far this summer, I wanted to create a bread that would go well with all the roasted potatoes, vegetables, and corn on the cob that was coming off the grill.

Dill Dinner Rolls

Dill has long been one of my favorite herbs. After the countless dill pickles enjoyed on sandwiches and eaten straight from the jar, the herb left a positive impression on me. It wasn't unusual for me to fill an ice tray with leftover dill pickle juice to freeze into popsicles for later. While I've already played around with using dill in cheddar biscuits, I wanted this bread to be a little more adaptable.

This bread is basic recipe that you can customize, if you so choose. While I loved them plain and straight from the pan, you could throw in a bit of cheddar, spread them with cream cheese, or use the rolls to soak up a rich gravy.

Dill Dinner Rolls

Dill Dinner Rolls are made with fresh dill which adds a bright flavor. The bread is spiced with salt and pepper and the addition of olive oil adds a smooth, rich aroma. The bread dough is easy to work with and rises effortlessly. The rolls are baked together in a round pan, making them easy to pull apart to serve. With a spread of cream cheese, the light herb rolls make a lovely accompaniment to a summer meal roasted on the grill.

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Lemon Poppy Seed Rolls

Lemon Poppy Seed Rolls

The beginning of winter feels a little bit like magic. After the colors of fall turn to brown and the wet leaves find their way into the gutters, a dusting of white is a beautiful welcome, erasing the world and letting it start with a clean slate. Awaking to a fresh, new world is my favorite part of winter. When the snowflakes fall from the sky, my house feels cozier, food turns into comfort favorites, and spending the evening under a blanket in front of the television becomes a special treat.

The beginning of winter is a reminder of why I couldn't imagine living somewhere without the seasons.

Lemon Poppy Seed Rolls

Once January rolls around and winter weather is drudging into its third month, awaking to a white world is no longer new and exciting. The short hours of daylight and early mornings spent scraping the ice off the windshield of my car take away a little of the magic. I'm ready to see the sun for more than an hour each day. When the world isn't blanketed in a new sheet of white, the snow turns gray and brown, mimicking the dank end of autumn.

Each season has a beginning and an ending. Though I may feel ready for a new change, winter has just settled in for a long stay, with no plans to take a weekend getaway.

Lemon Poppy Seed Rolls

When the winter season begins to drag on my mind and body, the brightness of citrus fruit or a bowl of dark greens can sort me out. I associate fruit with winter as much as summer, peeling oranges and devouring clementines by the handful. Tart and sour fruits feel most like winter to me, with a bite as shocking as a burst of cold winter wind. When I was trying to come up with a new flavor for a breakfast roll, lemon and poppy seed seemed a natural combination. The tartness of the lemon shines through, while the bitterness of the poppy seeds is counteracted with brown sugar and honey.

When winter starts to drag you down, these rolls will pick you right back up. I promise.

Lemon Poppy Seed Rolls

Lemon Poppy Seed Rolls are a zesty pastry with a burst of flavor. The dough is soft, tender, and riddled with a lemon zest to bring a bright lemon aroma. The filling is a mixture of poppy seeds, brown sugar for sweetness, and a splash of lemon juice to bring a tart tone. As soon as they come out of the oven, the rolls are drizzled with honey, which soaks deep into the cracks and crevices. These are a lovely choice to brighten morning taste buds or to be enjoyed in the afternoon with a cup of tea.

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