30 Second Sangria


After a long, miserable day at work, I don't feel like doing anything. I don't feel like making dinner. I don't feel like doing dishes. Sometimes, I don't even feel like eating. All I want to do is zone out in front of the television, involve myself in someone else's life, and forget about my own reality for a moment or two.

If you've had a particularly bad day, and you're like me, you might just need a drink. A sangria, perhaps? After the first drink, the cares of the day start washing away. After the second, making dinner might not seem like such a bad idea after all. And after the third drink? Oh, you'll be feeling mighty fine by then.


Although this isn't a traditional sangria, for a quick fix it can suit your needs just fine. This certainly doesn't taste like a simplified sangria; it tastes really good. This is not the ocassion to bring out the fancy wines. For this sangria, you'll want a cheap wine, something in the range of $7-8 dollars. If you spend anymore than that, it will be a waste. As a poor college student who can't afford fancy wines, this sangria is just perfect.

30 second Sangria

Yields 1 sangria

Red wine (cheap!)
Sparkling lemonade
1 lemon or orange (optional)
Ice (optional)

If you think of it beforehand, chill the wine and sparkling lemonade. Otherwise, you can add a few ice cubes to your sangria to compensate.

Place equal parts red wine and lemonade in a glass. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon or orange into the glass for every 8-12 ounces of sangria (depending on how sour or sweet you would like yours) and garnish with a slice of lemon. But, if 30 seconds is just too long for that drink to be in your hands, you can skip the lemon and orange entirely.

Now, enjoy. Put your feet up. Watch some TV. You've had a long day.